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Advanced Structural Drying Methods

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Like water extraction, structural drying is an essential part of the water damage repair and restoration process. The structural drying process isolates and removes excess water using a combination of thermal imaging technology, dehumidification, and increased air movement provided by industrial drying fans. It aids in cleaning mold and removing moisture from the following areas:

Structural Drying lessens moisture levels in the immediate environment as well as in the structure itself, preventing mold and bacteria from developing and minimizing potential damage. 

We provide a swift response service where qualified Water Damage Restoration Technicians and Applied Structural Drying Teams attend affected sites in order to:


With the help of professionals like those at ServiceMaster of Middle Georgia, you can apply advanced structural drying methods to any residential property. Immediate and thorough drying is necessary to help prevent excess mold growth and long-term health hazards. You’ll also eliminate musty odors and save thousands in reconstruction costs with professional structural drying.

Our Five-Step Drying Process


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